Lois Norman is a British/Australian award-winning independent film maker and writer, whose work focuses on the bravery and diversity of the human condition.


Lois’s  career in theatre, her love of the word and the visual, have found her films screening at both Tate Modern and Tate Britain in the UK. Her films have also won many awards at independent and BAFTA qualifying film festivals around the world.

Primarily, using the ‘Female’ word and image as a lens, Lois explores and questions the truth of who we are and the strength it takes to be all of who we can dare to be.

Lois’ latest film is ‘CRAVE’ starring Charmaine Wombwell.

a lick away from love now… Late at night, her bed still warm from her lover leaving, a painter dips her brush into her own imperfect past & parts of her: a lost truth drips through…

Pivoting around potent original Artwork by Mixed Heritage artist Nina Gow, Crave explores female queer love and the self-gaze that frees it.